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What is postpartum care?

Full-service doula care wouldn’t be complete without postpartum. The fourth trimester runs from birth through six weeks after delivery, and it is just as important as the other three trimesters. These first few weeks revolve around getting to know your new baby as well as the new you! Your body has just gone through one of the most magnificent accomplishments and greatest challenges of your life. You can’t pour from an empty bucket, so now is the time for you, along with your doula, to nourish and honor your body and mind so you can give the best care possible to your new little one. 

What does Chicago Birthworks Collective postpartum care include?

Chicago Birthworks Collective’s postpartum care actually begins BEFORE birth. We’re all about empowering women with knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and postpartum journeys because they are all connected. Our certified doulas support you at each baby step and huge leap along the way. They’ll help you as you decide which type of birth you wish to have, set you up for the fourth trimester with placenta encapsulation and lactation education, as well as connect you with an online village of like-minded mamas.  Every birth package we offer is tailored to different postpartum care needs for different mamas.. Your doula will listen to your desires and help you choose the right one for your journey! We can also help you determine if you may need additional hourly postpartum care.

What are the benefits of postpartum care?

Having a supportive environment at home is vital to establishing healthy routines and bonding with your new baby. Our doulas will assist not only you and your baby but also your whole village as you embark on the journey of raising your child. Here are some of the benefits of postpartum care:


  • Valuable knowledge and time-tested techniques for sleep training, feeding your baby and more.

  • Tips on setting boundaries or asking for support. 

  • Hands-on assistance with everyday tasks, big and small.

  • Nurturing your soul AND your body by preparing a meal or aiding with meal prep. 

  • Insights on how to advocate for you and your baby after birth.

  • Decreased symptoms of postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD and other mental health struggles. 

  • Ongoing support for any bumps in the road that arise.

What do you need for postpartum recovery?

All you need for postpartum recovery is an open mind, heart and door — your doula will do the rest! Remember: Your doula will never judge, and she is always helpful, honest, hopeful and kind. If you have a question, ask away! We’ve got years of experience under our belt, and we’re ready to share. 

How long do you have to do postpartum care?

The number of postpartum sessions you’ll have with your doula varies depending on the birth package you choose. Your doula will discuss the specifics of your postpartum care plan, and you can always reach out to us with any questions or if you need additional support. Postpartum care can also be purchased separately by the hour. Contact us for pricing and to learn more!

How can our postpartum care help you heal? 

Taking the time to acknowledge your journey and honor yourself after birth is not only recommended but necessary to write your birth story. At CBC, we know the value of a strong community of women surrounding you and standing beside you as you adjust to your new way of life. We encourage you to take the time for this important phase — without judgment or comparison — and appreciate the fullness of your experience. 


Full-service doula care wouldn’t be complete without postpartum. The fourth trimester runs from birth through six weeks after delivery, and it is just as important as the other three trimesters. 

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