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Meet The Collective

At the heart of Chicago Birthworks Collective is our passion to empower Black families through an amazing pregnancy journey. Our collective of trained doulas and birth workers offer support and education through excellent care and luxury services. Whether it’s your first child or your fifth, we are here to help you navigate the healthcare system, teach you how to advocate for your rights, and curate a birth experience that celebrates your growing family.

As a committed member of the community, we believe in actively contributing to the well-being of our neighbors—that’s why we continually seek ways to innovate and partner with other organizations to meet the needs of those around us.

We believe that, together, we can create sustainable and long-lasting change for communities of color through better maternal outcomes and stronger families.

Toni Taylor


"As a woman, I feel so blessed beyonds words to have the ability to carry life. Each of my birthing experiences have revealed to me the true conception of how fragile yet powerful pregnancy, and birth truly are.”

Tayo Mbande


“If I wasn’t born to be a mama, I don’t know what else I could’ve been sent down here for. I love every part of being able to call myself a mother.”

The Founders

An SMC Full Circle Doula, Licensed Hair Stylist, Trained Massage Specialist, Baker, Mama Toni Taylor does it all. Born on the Southside of Chicago and raised in Southern California, Mama Toni has a unique love for building community around nurturing and nourishing people. She is mother to identical twins, one daughter, and one son, grandmother to two boys and three girls and a guiding force and loving light to all of them. Toni’s work began by the side of her 6 sisters in the births of over 15 nieces and nephews and has lead her through her journey of birthmark towards midwifery. Toni is an MMCI Perinatal Educator, Certified Blacitivist Educator and student midwife and is deeply committed to transforming the parenting journey through nurturing the whole parent and developing confidence and competence in new and young parents. As a grandmother to five, she never misses an opportunity to energize herself through her engagement with babies, children and new parents. 

Tayo Mbande is a maternal health innovator. Mom to 4, Tayo entered into motherhood and quickly realized it was her favorite hood. Tayo is a proud graduate of Howard University and a true student of life. Tayo has been supporting families through pregnancy, birth and parenthood for almost 10 years and has worked in all fields across the maternal health spectrum. As a birth worker, Tayo is proud to be an SMC Full Circle Doula Birth Companion, Certified Blactivist Educator and Co-Owner of Chicago Birthworks Collective alongside her mother Toni. Tayo’s work spans across the city of Chicago as a member of numerous councils, taskforces and committees. Tayo is the co-chair of the March of Dimes Maternal Health Taskforce workgroup focused on creating healthy and engaged communities, a member of the Illinois Maternal Mortality Review Committee, member of the Illinois Perinatal Quality Collaborative community alignment board, and a member of the Family Connects Chicago community alignment board and providers council. She works tirelessly to  not only reimagine but put to action better ways of caring for pregnant people and parents across our city state and country. Tayo is involved whenever and wherever in the work that embraces the humanity of birthing people and uplifts their reproductive rights and liberation. Tayo is deeply invested in her family life and centers her children, husband and immediate family as her source of grounding, inspiration and guidance. She is an educator and community builder at heart and carries a spirit of radiance that is truly invigorating.

Our Intake Coordinator

Kayla Kinsler


Doula Tribe







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Ready to Work With
Chicago Birthworks Collective?

We would be honored to walk you through all of our services or create a custom doula package that serves your needs and fills your cup. 


If you are looking for a Black doula in the Chicago area to join you on your journey to parenthood and empower and support you throughout your pregnancy, contact Chicago Birthworks Collective. Let us (and our community of other melanated mamas!) cheer you on as you embark on the most beautiful, radical and sacred experience of bringing new life into the world.


Are you interested in being part of a community of maternal health professionals who see community at the center of their work? Our collective is always looking for new birthworkers, care professionals and maternal wellness leaders to join our team. Doulas, complete our short skills test and we'll be in touch with you once the hiring period opens. Maternal wellness professionals can email their resume and interest letter to

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