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Prenatal Care

The prenatal care that doulas offer centers around breaking down bigger tasks into smaller steps, offering guidance when needed and enabling you to enter birth confidently and ready to advocate for yourself.


What is Prenatal Care? 

Doulas provide support, knowledge and experience while you make important decisions about your pregnancy and delivery. They are not physicians and do not provide medical care, but they are certified to aid you with certain issues that may arise during pregnancy. Chicago Birthworks Collective offers full-circle doula care to Black women and birthing people who continue to be overlooked by the medical system. 

What does prenatal care include?

Prenatal care includes visiting with your doula to discuss milestones and decisions, education for you and any birthing partners, lactation support and making your Plan A, Plan B and Plan C for birth and postpartum. 

What are the benefits of prenatal care?

A doula supports your journey by lending a listening ear and being the voice of reason that stands out among the opinions of many. She will advocate for you and help you decide what’s best for you and your baby, no matter what. Having our community of doulas behind you gives you the confidence to take on any challenge that pregnancy, labor, or postpartum throws your way. 


Prenatal care has been linked to better birth outcomes for all babies, specifically for women of color.  

When do you start prenatal care?

Prenatal care can start as soon as you think you’re pregnant. And while our birth packages require booking before 28 weeks, Chicago Birthworks Collective has resources for mothers at all stages of pregnancy. Contact us to find out how we can support you after this point. 

What prenatal care does Chicago Birthworks provide?

Chicago Birthworks Collective offers extensive prenatal care through our birth packages. We offer support for the challenges Black women face during pregnancy, prenatal doula visits and lots of opportunities to ask questions, make plans and solve problems together. Got questions on breastfeeding, nutrition, exercise or mental health? You’re not alone! It’s natural to have questions, and our doulas are ready to help, along with a virtual village of women who have the same concerns you do! 

Still have questions? 

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