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Placenta Encapsulation

Your placenta contains vitamins and nutrients that can aid in your recovery after childbirth. 


What is placenta encapsulation?

Your placenta contains vitamins and nutrients that can aid in your recovery after childbirth. For generations of women all over the world, the practice of eating the placenta has existed for hundreds of years. With modern technology, we’re now able to preserve the placenta in pill form, making it a convenient and portable way to glean the benefits following birth.


Chicago Birthworks Collective works with many qualified placenta encapsulation specialists. Just like each mother is unique, each specialist has their own process, meaning your experience is personalized just for you. There are a few things you’ll be sure to receive: 


  1. 80-200 capsules made from your placenta in a safe, sanitary environment. 

  2. A personalized memento from your specialist (art piece, jewelry, etc.)

  3. On-call support from your specialist (this will help you know how many and how often you should take your pills.) 

  4. Convenient pick-up and delivery services (from your hospital room to your home!)

How much does placenta encapsulation cost?

Our service is $275 and can be added to your birth package or purchased separately. Contact us to learn more or to book your service.

When do I need to decide? 

We’d love to discuss the benefits of placenta encapsulation to help you determine if it’s a good fit for you. You can purchase this service throughout your pregnancy up to 36 weeks. 

What are the benefits of placenta encapsulation?

While the medical benefits of placenta encapsulation are still being studied, many women have seen:


  • Improved energy and milk supply.

  • Increased hormones that reduce stress and ward off depression.

  • Reduced postpartum bleeding (thanks to powerhouse micronutrients like iron!)


All in all, your placenta has been biologically engineered to support your unique postpartum needs.

How many placenta capsule pills are made?

Around 100 capsule pills are made from one placenta, but this may vary depending on your placenta and specialist. 

How long do placenta capsules last?

Depending on how many capsules we can make from your placenta, you and your doula can discuss the correct dosage for you. This means that women will go through their capsules at different rates. Properly stored, your capsules will last for up to six months. 

Is placenta encapsulation safe?

For most mothers, placenta encapsulation is extremely safe and beneficial. However, certain health conditions may prohibit you from reaping the benefits of placenta encapsulation. Blood conditions, autoimmune diseases or other medical conditions will need to be discussed before determining if placenta encapsulation is safe for your specific case. Your doula will be able to discuss this or point you in the right direction if you have further questions.


Still have questions? 

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