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Our Favorite Breastfeeding Products

Chicago Birthworks Collective has rounded up our must-have breastfeeding gear to make life easier.

This month, we’re celebrating all things breastfeeding with National Breastfeeding Month, World Breastfeeding Week and Black Breastfeeding Week.

Breastfeeding has so many benefits for both moms and babies. It provides nutrients to help your baby grow, boosts their immune system and protects against illness and infection. As a mom, it helps you recover from childbirth and lowers your risk of postpartum depression and other diseases. It builds a strong, intimate bond, bringing a sense of calm to both you and your baby.

With the right support and gear, you’ll be able to continue breastfeeding for the long term.

So we’ve created a round-up of our top five breastfeeding essentials. Gather these must-have products or add them to your registry to set yourself up for breastfeeding success.

The right breastfeeding pillow helps support your baby while nursing. By propping them uphigher, you can prevent neck, shoulder and back pain that results from hunching forward, and it also puts you in a better spot for getting a great latch. The My Brest Friend pillow is our favorite because of its firm surface that lifts your baby to your breast and its helpful support arm that wraps around your back.

Breastfeeding moms have to stay hydrated. Water keeps your energy up and milk supply flowing, but it can be tough to drink enough when you’re caring for a newborn. Keeping a large water bottle nearby is key. We love the Yeti tumbler because its insulated sides keep our water cool for hours, and the straw makes it easy to sip, even while nursing.

Frequent nursing or pumping can make your nipples a little sore, especially in the first couple of weeks after your baby is born. Applying some quality nipple cream after feedings or before showering helps protect and heal your delicate skin. You can also use it as a pumping lubricant. MotherLove cream is our top pick because it’s organic, plant-based, lanolin-free and does not have to be removed before nursing. We even use it on dry lips and skin too.

When you’re storing breastmilk in the fridge or freezer, it can be hard to keep it organized and space-efficient. A breastmilk storage system will make your life easier. We highly recommend the NanoBebe storage bags and stackable organizer. This organizer keeps the extra-thick, leak-proof breast milk bags flat so they take up less space and thaw more quickly. It also allows you to label the bags and line them up by date, so you’re always moving through your stash in order.

A great nursing bra supports your breasts, provides easy access and adapts to your fluctuating cup size without impacting your supply or causing clogged ducts. That combination is hard to find, but we’ve found it — look no further than this one from Bodily. The pull-down bra is made from aloe vera-infused fabric, so it’s incredibly soft and stylish. It was designed by a lactation consultant who understands what breastfeeding moms need. No wonder it’s our favorite.

These five items are bound to make your breastfeeding journey so much smoother, especially in those early days when you and your baby are still getting to know each other. Breastfeeding products that support your physical comfort and mental health are worth every penny.

Need breastfeeding support? Gather the right gear by clicking the product links above to purchase, or connect with Chicago Birthworks Collective to schedule a consultation with a lactation consultant.

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