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Your new favorite labor tool.

Your new favorite labor tool.

As intuitive as birth is, we know there are times where a guide can be extremely useful for those not sure what to do moments. This guide was designed by our doula team with you at the center. An easy digital tool that's quick reference for you and your birth team to navigate your labor together. Practice these positions with your partner or your doula, or get into go mode when it's your birthing time with confidence. We know you've got this, and this guide says so too.


  • 4 Page downloadable guide

  • labor position references

  • full pictures and descriptions and recommendations



Active Labor.JPG
Active Labor.JPG

Keanna, Mom

I didn't know I'd find this guide so helpful until my labor started and I was truly not sure what to do.


Megan, Doula

How amazing to see a guide made by Black women for Black women! My clients love practicing with this guide!


Amaris, Mom

One of my most valuable tools in my pregnancy. I studied this guide with my partner during pregnancy and we were so thankful we had experience before the  big day! 

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